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History of Boats 2197 & 2030
Hi, I am chasing some history on Boat No's 2197 & 2030. I recently purchased an old 125 with the registration number 2030, however the hull of the boat bares distinct similarities to a boat I onced owned called Turbo, which was 2197. Turbo was a Ces Lee hull and had aluminium tubing through the foredeck, which this boat has. Due to the age of both boat numbers I was wondering if an old rig has been put with the Turbo Hull and re-registered with the number on the old sails.

So far I have found out that the previous owner Geoff Rae from Brisbane raced the boat for many years, however he purchased the boat secondhand and already registered as 2030 and can't help with any further history on the boat.
Gavin Taylor22-May-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: History of Boats 2197 & 2030
Positive identification of hulls is exactly why Rule 1.(j) "Each hull shall have engraved legibly in the transom or keel the official 125 registration number." Measurement 1b.
I will look up the records of these boats on the data base of National Championship Regattas and email you the details.
Don Barnett barneybu@bigpond.net.au
Don Barnett23-May-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: History of Boats 2197 & 2030
Barney not sure that engraving and the alumi plates are enough of a guarantee of identity. Both systems can be cheated. My proposal, especially with grps, is to write the number in foam under the glass inside one of the tanks. it would be impossible to remove, or change without being obvious.

Barry Pike27-May-2007    Edit    Delete 

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