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Replying to:Youtube the 125
Just an Idea. I very much believe in the sharing of ideas. As folks maybe aware, this forum concept was pushed by a couple of people including Barney and myself some years ago, and thanks to Erik and Keith it became a reality. I am no longer the the national publicity officer, although my name still is on the website as a conduit for the NEC. I have a new idea. How about exploiting youtube to meet a real need that we have in our association. That is show people how to properly rig and sail a 125. Youtube is free and it is open to the public (fits in with my beliefs, what about everyone else?). The proposal is that we set up an 125 account, and when some one has an idea, then film it, and publish it on you tube. It would be moderated through the NEC as we can have a repeat of the past. The NEC would place a notice in the discussion forum that a new video was on youtube and place the link. I would get (even still) about 10 request a month for a rigging guide. I would really love something that I could show people. Please submit your comments on this idea. Further, lets put together a policy on how we should implement