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what is the best trapeze harness to buy
Hey im new to 125's my famly has bought 3 boats and we are going to need to bye new trapeze harnesses for 2 boats any 1 got any ideas on which is the best sort to buy

Thanks look forward to meeting you all at events
Tom Richers18-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: what is the best trapeze harness to buy
Contact your nearest sail maker. You will find these guys usually custom make it to your size.

There are a few off-the-shelf brands available as well. Too get something that is comfortable cost $$$$.
Barry Pike18-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: what is the best trapeze harness to buy
The only thing I can suggest is that you donít buy a 'Magic marine' harness as I have had a lot of trouble with them slipping to the point of which I hurt my back using one, not only that when I asked the company to take a look at the harness they didnít seem to want to think there was anything wrong, it took I think 6 months for them to send out a new harness which was top of their range however that also slips a bit. So I think the next time I want a harness I will look at a Neil Pryde harness
Haydn (851)18-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 

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