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has anyone figured out just how much of an advantage the new mesurment for the rudder is??? in my own opinion i dont mind it however i do not see the reason for changing to the dagger blade style
does not matter14-Nov-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: [Untitled]
The benifit of the new dagger style rudders is, it makes it easier to pull the rudder blade up when coming into shore, with the pivoting blades you have to swing the blade half up, this puts a lot of load on the rudder blade, the rudder box and the back of the boat, not to mention making it harder to steer. Also you dont have to lean over the back of the boat to get the lock down pin out, all you have to do is slide back, and pull the blade up. it also makes it easier when you sail in places where there is a lot of weed.

As for the new way of measuring the rudder blade, some people want as much rudder in the water as possible, however this is done at the expense of rudder blade in the box, this results in a lot of load being put on a small area of the head of the rudder blade, this usually results in a broken rudder blade and a spectacular capsize.

There is no performance advantage from the change, it is just another option that makes the boat easier to sail
Grant18-Nov-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: [Untitled]
whats the proposed ruling? can i sail with a fixed rudder?
guess19-Nov-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re:Can I sail with a fixed rudder? - The Qld proposed change (if passed) says(referring to the Rudder Assembly)these words: "Pivot and dagger boards are permitted. Fixed blades are not permitted.." This seems to be fairly clear and unambiguous!!
Furthur, the motion prevents any advantage by measuring the max depth in the water(the value was sought by proper and timely written notice seeking consensus fron ALL states bfore submission for consideration in the January 2005 Nat. Conference.)
The ONLY reason for the alternative type is to reduce the cost and difficulty of construction of the blade and the box and the frequency of expensive breakages(which luckily I have so far avoided!)- No guessing needed here.
John Anderson20-Nov-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: [Untitled]
thanks john. didnt know where you can find info about the proposed rule changes
finnished guessing21-Nov-2007    Edit    Delete 

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