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Formula Sailcraft Mark IIGreg7-Jul-2008
      Re: [Untitled]Nick Major8-Jul-2008
      Re: Greg8-Jul-2008
      Re: [Untitled]Nick Major10-Jul-2008
      Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark IIalison21-Jul-2008
      Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark IIalison23-Jul-2008
      Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark IIJim Scott24-Jul-2008

SA NationalsGrant5-Jul-2008
      Re: SA NationalsVicky10-Jul-2008

Seeking 125 to charter in WA for 08/09Andrew27-Jun-2008
      Re: Seeking 125 to charter in WA for 08/09Lauren1-Aug-2008
      Re: Seeking 125 to charter in WA for 08/09Andrew5-Aug-2008

Notice of Race - 125 Nationals 2008-09Grant Steinback17-Jun-2008

Victorian 125 Assoc MembershipBen Chapman3-Jun-2008
      Re: Victorian 125 Assoc Membershipalison15-Jun-2008

125s on YoutubeDamian Wright6-May-2008
      Re: 125s on YoutubeDamian Wright4-Jul-2008

145Andrew Foster6-May-2008
      Re: 145Damian Wright6-May-2008
      Re: 145Frank Whyte24-Mar-2011
      Re: 145Frank Whyte24-Mar-2011
      Re: 145Mick unnasch25-Jul-2011
      Re: 145Gary Munday26-Jul-2011
      Re: 145Phil Armitage5-Jan-2012
      Re: 145Scott inglis14-Jun-2012
      Re: 145Roger Rickard13-Jan-2014
      Re: 145Brett Errey17-Aug-2017
      Re: 145Allan Partridge10-Jun-2019
      Re: 145 Nicolaas van Nouhuys2-Nov-2019
      Re: 145Paul Lindemann 15-Sep-2022

Hull PaintRobert Dickson27-Apr-2008
      Re: Hull PaintGrant Steinback27-Apr-2008
      Re: Hull PaintRobert Dickson28-Apr-2008
      Re: Hull PaintGrant Steinback28-Apr-2008
      Re: Hull PaintAndrew28-Apr-2008
      Re: Hull PaintNick Major29-Apr-2008
      Re: Hull PaintJohn Anderson2-May-2008
      Re: Hull Paintanthony25-Jun-2008

Advice on repairsjez17-Apr-2008
      Re: Advice on repairsGrant Steinback17-Apr-2008

Peel Island MarathonCraig Broadbent15-Apr-2008

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