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Recent purchase a few questions
Hello, I recently purchased a 125, sailed her for a week at Loch Sport, which was great. I have noticed that the mast angle leans aft and the resulting angle makes the boom drop very low at the end and the leach of the sail is not taught.
Any recommendations on fixing the angle ? The shrouds are as far forward as they can go, the forestay is as tight as I can get it. The mast is in the furthest aft setting on the deck..would the angle of the spreaders make a difference ?
Another question is about reefing, I would like to reduce the mainsail area so I can take the kids out easily when the wind is up. I was thinking of a couple of reefing cringles above the existing clew and tack so I can slab reef. Has anybody had any success with this ? any recommendations on a sailmaker ? Or a used mainsail with reefing points on the market ? Thanks guys
colin6-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recent purchase a few questions
Lengthen the side stays with a shackle. This was probably there before you purchased the 125 and got lost.
The mast should be slightly more than 90 degrees to the deck line, and the boom roughly horizontal.
The slack leach on the main would be the mainsheet blocks touching due to the excessive mast rake and not letting you pull the main on tight enough.
A cheaper way to reduce sail area when cruising is to roll the jib around the forestay and sail under main only. To balance the helm, raise the centreboard slightly. If it is too windy with main only you should not be out there.
If you were holidaying at Loch Sport and normally live in Melbourne, go to a local sailing club and talk to a 125 sailor and check out his boat.
Don Barnett7-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recent purchase a few questions
At Elwood Sailing Club we had success with slab reefing of mainsail for use by training squad. Just needs a couple of eylets put into the sail (or one if you already have an eylet for the spinnaker boom support) plus an extra length on the halyard or attached to the head of the sail. Thomson Sails and Irwin Sails are both user regularly by 125 sailors
alison19-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 

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