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Entry form for the Nationals is now availableDon Barnett1-Nov-2009

Help! I need a boat.Martin Hughes21-Oct-2009
      Re: Help! I need a boat.monz26-Oct-2009
      Re: Help! I need a boat.Andi3-Nov-2009
      Re: Help! I need a boat.Martin Hughes4-Nov-2009
      Re: Help! I need a boat.Andi7-Nov-2009
      Re: Help! I need a boat.Jim Scott4-Dec-2009

Rigging QuestionBrian6-Oct-2009
      Re: Rigging QuestionAndrew7-Oct-2009

Replacement sheetsAndrew Sedger2-Oct-2009
      Re: Replacement sheetsAndrew3-Oct-2009
      Re: Replacement sheetsAndrew Sedger7-Oct-2009
      Re: Replacement sheetsAndrew3-Nov-2009

Mast plugsGreg Warner27-Sep-2009

125 weight rangeRyan K21-Sep-2009
      Re: 125 weight rangeLuke22-Sep-2009

Whos going to Adelaide?Dr Nick Riviera31-Aug-2009
      Re: Whos going to Adelaide?Andrew1-Sep-2009

Photos of wooden hull 125, please!Brian Musker25-Aug-2009
      Re: Photos of wooden hull 125, please!John Meara17-Jan-2010

Automotive PaintMichael20-Aug-2009
      Re: Automotive PaintWill20-Aug-2009
      Re: Automotive PaintMichael20-Aug-2009
      Re: Automotive PaintGreg 23-Aug-2009

Boat MaintenanceMichael14-Aug-2009
      Re: Boat MaintenanceGrant steinback14-Aug-2009

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