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Invitation to all Sponsors for 32nd NationalsBob Sayer20-Oct-2008

Entries now open for NationalsKeith Merkley15-Sep-2008

Camp site available Hervey Bay caravan parkSteve Low31-Aug-2008
      Camp site at Hervey Bay caravan park has been taken upsteve low6-Sep-2008

Spray Painting HullRob Dickson12-Aug-2008

Bias Boating Virginia Humpybash 2008 Humpybong Yacht ClubLeon6-Aug-2008
      Re: Bias Boating Virginia Humpybash 2008 Humpybong Yacht ClubDavid29-Aug-2008
      Re: Bias Boating Virginia Humpybash 2008 Humpybong Yacht ClubLeon15-Sep-2008

Crew available EFYC 2008/2009 SeasonMaureen1-Aug-2008

Hull repaint ?acrylicRussell Furzer27-Jul-2008
      Re: Hull repaint ?acrylicpenelope pendragon21-Sep-2008
      Re: Hull repaint ?acrylicpenelope pendragon28-Oct-2008

QLD Nationals 2008-2009Jen24-Jul-2008
      Re: QLD Nationals 2008-2009Graham Brown24-Jul-2008
      Re: QLD Nationals 2008-2009Jenny2-Aug-2008
      Re: QLD Nationals 2008-2009Nick Major2-Aug-2008

Formula Sailcraft Mark IIGreg7-Jul-2008
      Re: [Untitled]Nick Major8-Jul-2008
      Re: Greg8-Jul-2008
      Re: [Untitled]Nick Major10-Jul-2008
      Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark IIalison21-Jul-2008
      Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark IIalison23-Jul-2008
      Re: Formula Sailcraft Mark IIJim Scott24-Jul-2008

SA NationalsGrant5-Jul-2008
      Re: SA NationalsVicky10-Jul-2008

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