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This is not the place for personal attacks or inappropriate comments on anyones race, sex, age or sailing abilities.

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National Titles DocumentsJohn Caley1-Dec-2012

National 125 Facebook GroupJohn Caley22-Oct-2012
      Re: National 125 Facebook GroupGeoff23-Oct-2012
      Re: National 125 Facebook GroupLuke24-Oct-2012
      Re: National 125 Facebook GroupGeoff24-Oct-2012

Chelsea Yacht Club open day. Nov 11Will21-Oct-2012

SA AGMJim Guy2-Oct-2012
      Re: SA AGMStan4-Oct-2012

new 125's for saleJack Swallow17-Sep-2012
      Re: new 125's for salesnodge17-Sep-2012
      Re: new 125's for saleChris Derrick5-Feb-2013

Parkdale Sailing Club - VictoriaBruce Hart4-Sep-2012
      Re: Parkdale Sailing Club - VictoriaAndrew6-Sep-2012

2012/2013 NEC office bearersAndrew1-Sep-2012
      Re: 2012/2013 NEC office bearersJohn Caley15-Sep-2012
      Re: 2012/2013 NEC office bearersAndrew18-Sep-2012

Adelaide 125'sJim Guy9-Aug-2012
      Re: Adelaide 125'sChris Derrick22-Aug-2012

125s on facebookLuke7-Aug-2012
      Re: 125s on facebookLuke23-Oct-2012
      Re: 125s on facebookGeoff23-Oct-2012

showcasing the 125'sJim Guy16-Jun-2012
      Re: showcasing the 125'sAndrew17-Jun-2012
      Re: showcasing the 125'sJim Guy18-Jun-2012
      Re: showcasing the 125'sChris Derrick22-Aug-2012
      Re: showcasing the 125'sJim Guy24-Aug-2012

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