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SA State Championships 2013-14

March 8-9 saw 9 SA 125's compete at the Whyalla Yacht Club

The fleet consisted of 3 boats from Coffin Bay, 4 from Tumby Bay and 2 from Whyalla

Unfortunately we did not have any Adelaide boats come over and compete

The series was raced very competetively by all boats, but in a very friendly manner. Any boat required to do a penalty did so without any hesitation.

The Regatta consisted of two shorter races in the mornings with a longer course set for the one afternoon race

The regatta organisation was terrific conducted by Mick Casey and able helpers from the Whyalla Yacht Club.  It was held in a social enviroment with meals Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights

The weather was less inviting with warm weather and very light breezes combined with changing tides in the gulf.  The courses were short making the racing very tight for competitors

Congratulations to all winning crews with

              - State Champions: Carnivore, Peter and Caleb Henderson

              - Junior Champions: Fromstok, Alysha Gossink and Amanda Lawrie

              - Masters Champion: Pirates of Coffin Bay, Tim Ashman and Daryl King

              - Handicap: Voodoo, Sebastian Trenberth and Roy Gossink

              - Travellers Trophy: Playstation, Wade Gray and Riki Popovic

Full results are in the.pdf file attached

View: Handicap 13-14.pdf

SA State Championship Regatta 2012~13

March 9-10 saw 7 SA 125's compete at Largs Bay Sailing club.

2 from Tumby Bay and 2 from Whyalla making the trip to join 3 Largs Bay boats.

It is a pity more local boats did not make the effort, they are the loosers as it was a good friendly series.

Regatta organisation was good with Grant Baker of LBSC the race officer. However we should have notified the Bureau of Meterology and ordered some wind.

Hot sun, strong tide and little wind tested the light weather skills of the sailors. The triangle - loop - finish courses were ideal and good close racing was enjoyed by competitors and the gallery on the balcony. The antics of an excited mother would make a U-tube hit.

Congratulations to our continuing State Champions, Peter & Caleb Henderson, well done! The Junior Champion trophy can also be engraved with ditto marks, Chris Derrick & Alex Jackson.

Full result are in the .pdf file attached.

Next year, make sure you are in the competitor list - it is more fun than just Saturday afternoon racing with a handfull of other boats.

View: State Champs 2012~2013.pdf

2011/12 SA State Title Report

View: TBYC report State 125 Titles 11 March 2012.pdf : 2011/12 SA State Title Report

2011/12 SA State Title Results

The link below is a previw to the States - I will also add final report once it is completed.


Final results are attached below.

View: 2011~12 State 125 Results.pdf

2010~11 SA State Championship Regatta Results

please open the .pdf files attached to view and printout the results.

View: State Champs 2010~2011.pdf

Queen of the Gulf Easter regatta results

View: Q_of_G_125_Results_2010.pdf : results of Queen of the Gulf regatta

2009/2010 state titles Wallaroo

Congratulations to Peter Henderson and Roy Gossink from Tumby Bay SA who sailed Carnivore into first place in the state heats held at Wallaroo. Thanks to all who competed and made a great weekend.

View: 125 states 2009~2010 results.xls : State heat results 2009/10

2008/2009 state heat results

View: Copy of 125 states 2008~2009 results.xls

SA State Championship 2007-8

STATE & JUNIOR CHAMPION  - Buckle up Spanky, Ashleigh Emery, Haydn Trenorden

SECOND - Squabble, David & Michael Arnold

THIRD & MASTERS CHAMPION - Gun Toting Troglodyte, Clive & Anne Arnold

HANDICAP FIRST - Nautical Velocity, Michael Zabrowarny, Andrew Turnbull

HANDICAP SECOND - Trilogy, David Spencer, Simon Inverarity

HANDICAP THIRD - Turtle, Keven Stockmann, Joshua Harnett


View: State Champs 2007~2008.pdf

SA State Champions Season 2006-7

SA Champion & Junior Champion, Buckle up Spanky, LBSC,  Ashleigh Emery & Haydn Trenorden

2nd in State Championship - Squabble, RSAYS, David & Michael Arnold

3rd in State Championship, Barney, ASC,  Don Barnett & Joshua Wilson

1st on Handicap, Turtle, LBSC,  Keven Stockmann & Joshua Harnett

2nd on Handicap, Nautical Velocity, ACS,  Michael Zabrowarny & Andrew Turnbull

3rd on Handicap, Trilogy, ASC,  David Spencer, Matthew Neale and Simon Inverarity

Masters Champion, Barney Don Barnett

View: State Champs 2006~2007.pdf

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