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Tasmania represented at Nationals 2006-07

Tasmania had a yacht entered into the National championships this season after an absence of several years.
Sally Whitmore skippered 2301 Elusive with her father Michael as crew. They came 30th on Line Honours and 11th on Handicap result.
Elusive is sailing on the Tamar from Deviot Yacht Club.  See the Photo Gallery for a picture

We know there are 125s down in Tasmania. An inquiry has been received by Victoria for a set of plans to build a new yacht.  Any Tassie 125 sailors wanting to get in touch with the others can contact the Victorian committee and they will do their best to assist you.


Tassie Tigers are still alive.

We know you are there, it time to come out of the bush and show the rest of Australia you are still kicking.  The Victorian are willing to help get Tassie going again, feel free to contact us via the Vics page.

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