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main sheet rigging and boom vangwayne whitworth1-Feb-2009

2008 -09 National TitlesGraham Brown23-Jan-2009

SE Qld TitlesKeith Merkley22-Jan-2009
      Re: SE Qld TitlesLeon26-Jan-2009
      Re: SE Qld TitlesLeon14-Feb-2009

Marine Photography - Hervey Bay photosBob sayer13-Jan-2009

Great reports on the NationalsKeith Merkley7-Jan-2009
      Re: Great reports on the NationalsPeter (Victorian 1258-Jan-2009
      Great coverage but did it really happen??steve low8-Jan-2009
      Re: Great reports on the Nationals125 scribe11-Jan-2009
      Re: Great reports on the Nationalssandy wa vice-presid13-Jan-2009
      Re: Great reports on the NationalsDamian WRIGHT18-Jan-2009

Sanding 2-pakjez jez4-Jan-2009
      Re: Sanding 2-pakGrant Steinback28-Jan-2009

Need Help with Scuppers Benjamin3-Jan-2009
      Re: Need Help with Scuppers Don Barnett22-Jan-2009

im availiable at harvey bayNick Major23-Dec-2008

Learning to sailRudy19-Dec-2008
      Re: Learning to sailKeith Merkley28-Jan-2009

Southlakes (SLMASC) new website Luke17-Dec-2008

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